Хотел в Благоевград / Хотел Алфа Благоевград – настаняване в центъра на Благоевград


Narrow cobbled streets, unique architecture, various crafts and historic monuments welcome residents and guests of Blagoevgrad in the old district "Varosha". The district kept the waking spirit of the Renaissance in small stirred houses. "Varosha" is a walk from one art to another.

"Varosha" emerged in the XVII century at the foot of the Delvinskiya hill. During the XVII and XVIII century, the neighborhood has a Turkish appearance, and in the XVIII century is the only neighborhood with a Christian population, which consisted from 150-200 families. At that time, three bridges connect the neighborhood with the rest of the city, which lies across the river passing through Blagoevgrad Bistrica.From the other side of the river there was the bazaar and the Turkish part of town. During the Renaissance "Varosha" shelters the best teachers and cultural activists from the region who are actively involved in the revolutionary struggles of the Bulgarians.

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